Rešitve za proizvodnjo in popravilo lopatic vetrnic in gosenic ter postavitev in zaščito temeljev in stolpov za vetrne elektrarne na morju in na kopnem. Tesnila in lepila za proizvodnjo fotonapetostnih modulov in toplotnih kolektorjev ter zrcalni sklopi CSP.

Over 20 year Experience in Adhesive Technologies for the Renewable Energy Market

Sika is looking back at more than 20 years of successful experience in supplying the renewable energy industry. We are experts in developing products and solutions that will last decades under harsh environment conditions and you can rely on our teams to select the best solutions meeting your exact needs.

Sika offers bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions to the wind turbine industry from the foundations to the tip of the blade. Find solutions for blade, nacelle, tower protection and manufaturing.

Thanks to decades of experience in the glass industry, our adhesive and sealant range for the solar industry is well qualified, tested and approved.

Application of glue on a windturbine

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