Pri podjetju Sika nudimo cel niz izdelkov za povečanje učinkovitosti pri procesu montaže vetrobranskih stekel. Na voljo so vam tako izdelki za čiščenje in pripravo površin, kot tudi vrhunska lepila in tesnila. Preko izjemne kakovosti naših izdelkov, izvajalcem omogočamo optimizacijo proizvodnih procesov in poskrbimo za nemoten potek dela.
Sika d.o.o.

The automotive market is constantly changing and facing new challenges. Since decades Sika is developing new solutions, making a positive difference to our customers.

40 years of Future with Sika Windshield Adhesives​

Sika aftermarket solutions have been driving the automotive industry worldwide for more than 40 years. Click on the timeline to see Sika’s trendsetting history for safer, faster, simpler applications which are compatible with assisted driving technologies and on top have a low environmental impact.

First decade Sika picture

1980 - 1990: Safety

Decade Image


While the VCR revolutionized home television, Sika was setting new standards in safety. This decade was all about safety.

In fact, the FM-VSS 212 standards were drawn up as a result of passenger safety considerations calling for bonded windshields in cars. By extension, polyurethane windshield adhesives became the global norm in car construction. Primerless Sikaflex® was first used by leading car manufacturers. This product was far easier to use than conventional when replacing car glass.

1985: Sika launched first primerless winscreen adhesive (Sikaflex®-255)

1986: First Sika Direct Glazing Application at leading car manufacturer

 1987: First Sika Crash Test



Second decade Sika picture

1990 - 1999: Speed

Speed was not only required when playing with the Game Boy, but also when replacing wind-shields.

Speed was not only required when playing with the Game Boy, but also when replacing windshields. A new line of business emerged since car workshops found themselves replacing more and more adhesive-bonded windshields, while customers were increasingly demanding shorter waiting times after installation. Sika was the pioneer, developing fast-curing windshield adhesives and establishing new drive-away standards. This decade was shaped by short drive-away times and absolute safety. Sika – and the Sikaflex® brand - also led the way in terms of speed and performance. Indeed, new SikaBooster® technology and reduced drive-away times helped set new benchmarks in the sector.

1991: First hot-applied fast cure adhesive – SikaTack® Ultrafast

1993: Development of Sika Safe Drive-Away Time Standards (crash testing/lab standards)

1997: First 1h safe drive away product – SikaTack® Plus Booster

Third decade Sika picture

2000 - 2009: Simplicity

The cell phone made communication quite simple. Sika also strived for simplicity and created innovative all-in-one solutions.

Auto glass technicians were faced with choosing between high and low modulus adhesives, while also determining the correct drive-away time based on the prevailing climatic conditions. To counteract these issues, Sika developed adhesives that ensured a constant drive-away time at temperatures of between -10 °C and +40 °C. What’s more, all-in-one modulus adhesives reduced mistakes and provided peace of mind.

2002: Launch of SikaTack® ASAP and SikaTack® MOVE (1 hour SDAT) First All-in-One Modulus Product 

2006:  Introduction of the All-Seasons  Activator

2008: Crash Test Series for shorter SDAT

2010: Launch of SikaTitan® – Primerless to glass adhesives

Automotive Aftermarket car glass replacement application

2010 - 2019: Assisted Driving

The smartphone emerged as an indispensable helper in everyday life. In cars, assistance systems presented the industry with new challenges.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) helped to further improve road safety and lower damage costs for insurers. However, these systems required significant calibration work after replacing the windshield. Since a windshield significantly contributes to a car body’s structural stiffness, this necessitated the use of more advanced, full-cure adhesives. By developing the PowerCure system, Sika was once again able to provide a simple, market-ready solution that met customers’ challenges.

2015: 60min OE cure product: SikaTack® ELITE

2015: 30min safe drive-away time product: SikaTack® PRO

2015: Established new drive-away timestandard with 95th percentile crash test dummies

Sika purform landscape

2020 - FUTURE: Less Exposure

Sika Decade photo

The mobility of the future has to be sustainable. Sika is leading the way - with solutions that are even safer and more environmentally friendly.

We are currently experiencing a trend that favors healthy lifestyles. In Asia, people are concerned about risks associated with chemicals, e.g. smells. Meanwhile, the EU has now set out certain precautions that must be respected when working with chemicals, including handling PU adhesives. Sika’s latest innovation not only performs better, it also results in less exposure for users and customers alike.

2022: Launch of the new Purform technology with the SikaTack® PRO Purform and SikaTack® ELITE Purform

2022: Launch of the new Sikaflex® SOLO (Primerless to glass application with only 3h MDAT)

Zamenjava avtomobilskih vetrobranskih stekel in popravilo karoserije

Sika je na trgu vodilni proizvajalec , ko gre za menjavo vetrobranskega stekla in popravilo karoserije.


Zanesljivost in brezskrbnost sta pomembna dejavnika v avtomobilski industriji, dosegamo pa jih tudi s kakovostnim lepljenjem vetrobranskih stekel in popravili karoserije.
Za povrnitev vozila nazaj na tovarniške standarde OEM, izberite naše visoko zmogljive rešitve Sika za lepljenje, tesnjenje, zaščito in akustično izolacijo. 


Sika ponuja celotno linijo izdelkov za zamenjavo avtomobilskih stekel in izdelke za popravilo avtomobilske karoserije. Naši izdelki in sistemi so zasnovani tako, da so specialistom enostavni za uporabo in strankam zagotavljajo najvišje varnostne standarde.

Fitting of auto glass in a garage
pri popravilu vozil
Povrnite avto nazaj na tovarniške standarde

Aplikacije pri popravilu vozil

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